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All About the PS Jailbreak PS3 USB Mod-Chip


PS3 hacked jailbreak chipPS Jailbreak is the first mod chip for PS3 game files. It is in the form of the USB flash drive that you can use to backup and to run these backups of your PS3 games. Being in its USB form, this means that you would not need any console or to do any soldering at all. Installing this mod chip is easy. What this mod chip can do is that it connects to your PS3 console and run third party applications in it. Moreover, it can be used to rip the original PS3 games that you have and save them in your hard drive. These files can even be transferred to USB flash drives for you take the files anywhere. The PS Jailbreak PS3 mod chip is not selective when it comes to PS3 consoles that it works with. It works fine with the earlier version with 60GB and the latest slim consoles. Once you have your games on your hard drive, you can play with them double the speed when you were just using your console. Thus, you will surely have more fun. Moreover, you can save your discs the trouble of being scratched while in use. Another plus point to using PSJailbreak is that you can extend the life span of your PS3 lasers if you will just keep loading your games from your hard drive. With the advent of PS3 Jailbreak Chip, this could give way to more development in the PS3 game technology. For instance, PS3 could have its own browser, media player, and more. This new mod chip has already given birth to a new era in PS games. With PS3 console before, the games still had so many limits.

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PS3 USB Mod-Chip - Play Games from PS3 Hard Disk

PS3 usb chipAnother innovation that came with the entrance of PS Jailbreak is that it also has a homebrew software application. This can be used to extend additional backup services that transfer the games to the hard drive. These backup files can also be transferred to another internal console or to another USB flash drive. This USB flash drive would serve as the memory extension of the small memory capacity of the PS3 console. Getting a flash drive is just affordable. As long as you can backup your files using PS3 Jailbreak Chip, the USB flash drive can be used. The internal drive can be relieved of loads and loads of files. On the other hand, the homebrew software backup application is easy to handle. It does not take an expert to learn how to use it. Games with smaller file sizes can be ripped within minutes while others would take an hour or more. The backup manager interface of PS Jailbreak can be expected to evolve in the days to come.

PS3 chipsOne thing that you need to do though before you can use your PSJailbreak is that you need to upgrade your PS3 console with the 3.41 firmware version. It is only with this version that the PS3 Jailbreak ModChip mod chip works at its most efficient. The upgrading can be done by going online or by downloading the 3.41 firmware version from the Sony website. This is how easily you can update your PS3 console so that you can successfully backup most of your games. If you want the file ripping or the backup process to go fast, the use of the USB flash drive would be the way to do it. Although the PS Jailbreak mod chip still works with the earlier versions of the PS3 firmware, the behavior of these older firmware versions are unpredictable. Once you have already transferred your games to your hard drive, you can start playing the games at faster speed. However, to continue enjoying the games, you need to leave one of the original games in your PS3 console. This is one thing that you should always remember. Anyway, the PSJailbreak mod chip comes with a thick manual, updates on different firmware versions, and troubleshooting guides.

PS3 Jailbreak ChipAnother good thing to be thankful about with this new PS3 Jailbreak Chip mod chip is that it can be updated in due time. Thus, it does not necessarily have to be wiped out of the store racks. The firmware itself can be updated as well as the backup manager homebrew software. These updates in the PS3 Jailbreak Chip mod chip are useful in ways that the device can then protect itself from bugs. Viruses, malware, and other bugs can still infect anything online or offline. If you want to protect your hard drive from these bugs, updates would be necessary. However, the installation of the mod chip to your PS3 console would stop the updates from coming. This update-less lifestyle for console users is practiced so that no other firmware with the workings of your console.

What you should take note, as this is the usual mistakes of many other people, is that PS Jailbreak only and strictly makes backup of PS3 games only. Thus, you should lose hope to be able to burn other Blu-ray movies, DVD movies, or any game with PS1 and PS2. It also helps run third party applications on the PS3 console. The homebrew software application would already deserve you a rich accumulation of files as well. Once the games are saved in the hard drive already, the loading goes fast, games are done in proper places, no fragile discs available to be broken by kids, and the like. From using the PS3 console with 60GB, you can now join in the fun of the game by loading these games from your hard drive.

PS3 USB Mod-Chip - Play Games from PS3 Hard Disk

PS3 Game HDD

The new controller sports a boomerang-style design and includes all of the same buttons as the Dual Shock and Dual Shock2. Also PS3 system will launch with Bluetooth wireless controllers.

ModChip brands: PS3key from the makers of WiiKey and DriveKey. PS3 modchip x3 mod a clone of the PS3 chip. With PS3key You know that a dedicated team is behind it with updates and continued support. PS3 USB HDD chips can be used in combination with PS3 mod chips x3 jailbreak PSJailbreak and others. Now also a Hub version available for linking HDD to PS3 without taking up extra USB port.

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PS3Jailbreak USB ModChips

* You can upgrade PlayStation 3 with a 20GB Hard Disk Drive or even bigger 40GB, 60GB and 200GB HDD and store a lot more files.

Recent information divulged from SCE chief technology officer Masayuki Chatani suggests that the company is still undecided as to whether this Playstation 3 hard drive will be bundled with the PS3 console as a standard option or not. Indeed, we are no closer in confirming if any HD will be ready for the PlayStation 3 launch in Japan next Spring. Like Microsoft's Xbox 360 HDD , Sony Computer Entertainment's PlayStation 3 will feature a removable, hot-swappable hard drive (PS3 HDD) to store data from games, MP3 and video files and images from digital media devices.

Full PlayStation 3 Tech Specs

Games on My Hard Drive
PS3 system will be backwards-compatible with PS2 and PS1 games.

Announced PS3 Games

  • Tekken - Namco.
  • Killzone - Guerilla
  • Vision Gran Turismo - Polyphony Digital
  • Formula One - Sony Liverpool
  • Untitled Old West Game - Rockstar
  • Oh-Ni - Koei
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam World - Bandai
  • Devil May Cry 4 - Capcom
  • Super Gory Wolfenstein Style FPS - Insomniac
  • Metal Gear Solid 4 - Konami
  • EYEdentify Voice Recognition Game - SCEA
  • Fifth Phantom Saga - Sega
  • Heavenly Sword - Sony
  • Warhawk - Incognito
  • Killing Day - Ubisoft
  • Motor Storm - Evolution

Now all we need is PS3 HD Loader MOD and a big Hard Disk to copy all the games to.

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